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Here are just a few new YELP! reviews on BKR Productions, Inc.

Saturday, September 18th, 2010


I found out about BKR Productions from a friend who used Cris at her wedding. He has great talent and experience but won’t be like one one of those grand standing hacks that interrupt every 15 minutes or some other nightmare. Cris is extremely professional and does everything he can to get the timing, atmosphere and music exactly as you want it. We met with him three times to discuss details, not to mention countless emails and was very accommodating with my song choices up to the day before the wedding . Many if not most weddings run late and this was destined to be the case with my wedding because my family and friends were the main set-up people besides the caterers and my family is totally a run overtime type of family. Cris took it in stride and although everything was set back 30-40 minutes he made the adjustments so that everything ran smoothly. He kept the flow going so that there was no noticeable lull or lag even though the timing was off. To top it all off we were told by our site coordinator that there would be a fireworks show very close to our outdoor venue the night of our wedding. We couldn’t plan on seeing the show but we wanted to plan in case we did see them. I prepared a play list for the fireworks and Cris played it off perfectly. All our guests were amazed that we “planned” it. Did I mention lights? In our package Cris threw in a small light kit but we ended up with great light effects including these crazy floating laser lights that project 3d patterns in the air. I was scared off by the huge DJ factories that provide the typical wedding DJ to work the typical wedding and I was unsure of trying a DJ  based on ads or bravado. We got really lucky with BKR Productions and had the happy guests to prove it.

JoAnna Sablan (Wedding)


what can I say, I’m a big fan!  Cris is very personable not like most dj’s that have an attitude just because they’re a dj.  Cris connects very well with the crowd and has a good amount of following in his events.  He’s easy to talk to and will make accomodations to play your request.  I agree with the reviews, he’s a great dj!

Marissa Tallett (Private Event)


DJ BKR is AWESOME! I have followed him through his public DJ shows such as Moons After Dark. He always does an amazing job and follows the crowd. If they seem to be digging a certain type of music, he keeps it going. He has every type of  music from newer club stuff to oldies. Whatever the occasion calls for! He is also a fabulous host and makes sure to get the crowd up and out of their seats. Dj BKR even did the DJing for free at my fundraiser for the breast cancer 3 Day. Good guy, GREAT DJ! If I ever need to hire my own private dj, BKR Productions is the first one I’m calling!

Yvonne K  (Private and Bar Events)

DJ BKR public appearances!!

Thursday, August 19th, 2010

Villa Roma Trivia Night

Thursday, August 19th, 2010



Lariat Tavern Trivia Night

Thursday, August 19th, 2010